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Sole Luna design - art to change the world!

Anastassia Afanasiaeva was born in Russia, in Moscow city.

In 1996 has entered on a base course of floristic International School of floral artists-designers "Nicole".

From 1997 to 2000 has continued learning at the International School of floral artists-designers "Nicole", on three year course, on specialization of master floral artist, in parallel working in floristic company.

In 1997 was learning at Nikolay Agoppa's School, Kishinev, Moldova.

In 1998, 1999 was trained by Peter Hessa «Atelie 5», Basel, Switzerland.

Since 2000 year working as an independent expert, specializes on decoration of weddings and events, show room and show-windows, both private and public places by live and artificial flowers.

Since 2002 creates seasonal decoration of show rooms and exhibitions, makes floristic shows and specializing in floristic courses in territory of Italy, France, Poland, Finland and Russia. Co-operates with the main floristic edition of Italy «Fiori and
Foglie» where her works are presented.

In 2010 has created company Sole Luna Design. Company Sole Luna Design are making design and floristic decoration.